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Chris Dale is a Heavy Metal bassist. He is currently the bass player in TANK whose recent album, WAR NATION is out now. He has previously played with lots of Metal bands and projects, most notably a two year stint in Bruce Dickinson's solo band. Chris fronts the pop-group Sack Trick, writes a monthly column for and in his spare time works on tour as a roady for anyone going to a hot climate...
About my show
I play a lot of classic rock, a bit of Kiss and whatever requests you fancy. We interview guests and play games with themed half hours and quick quizzes. It's a bit of rock and some fun thrown in.
My favourite things
Kiss, Dio, AC/DC, Kiss, Queensryche, Dokken, Maiden, Kiss, Ozzy, Anthrax, Scorpions, Kiss and Frehley's Comet.
My Featured Albums
Probably their best album since their last one! It is of course everything you'd expect from a Kiss album- a big rock and roll party in CD format. My favourite songs so far are Hell or Hallelujah, Freak and the Devil is Me but new ones are growing on me all the time...

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Mechnical Resonance

Rarely do albums have all excellent songs and no fillers. Even rarer for this to happen on a debut- but these Sacramento kids did it! It's actually difficult to pick out the stand out tracks as they'll all 10/10 tunes!

Probably my favourite of the six classic Kiss studio albums. To me this is the most true to form straight ahead rock album they've done and with songs like Calling Dr Love, I Want You and Hard Luck Woman it's also one of the strongest.


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