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Jonny Thrash
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Plague of conscience

An out and out melodic thrash effort from London's Savage Messiah, the opening track of this album smacks you square between the eyes and sets the bar for the next nine tracks pretty darn high. Fortunately, these UK thrashers don't disappoint. Memorable hooks, chunky riffs and neatly executed clean vocals, Plague of conscience nails what so many of the 'thrash revial' bands of late have failed to do: Bridge the gap between the gritty oldschool brutishness of thrash pioneers of the past and modern day production without polishing off the essential edge this music is designed for. They wear their hearts on their sleeves with Testament and Megadeth influences shining through, with a sprinkling of Priest, but with enough originality to not be casually brushed off as 'just another thrash tribute act'. Savage Messiah are the real deal, and are hot on the heels of Evile for the Thrash crown of the UK. My verdict: Bloody good metal.