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I first listened to this album all the way through while lying on my bed in a hotel in Amsterdam with the sun shining through my open windows and I genuinely cannot remember enjoying an album so much on the first listen. Value for money , well how about a double album with 24 tracks for 9.99, not bad at all.
This is an intense journey of a record with a real trippy edge. Right from the start with "Babel On" and all the way through, especially on Disc 1 which really does not let up. If georgeous melody with a cool sense of humour then this Swdish band are for you and get yer Kaftans out!

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Tese Are The Good Times People

Positivity is important, I am sure that you agree. Sometimes just hearing bands crow on about how terrible life is can just get on your nerves. Well here is the remedy to that, the new album from Presidents Of The USA which is called "These Are The Good Time People". Most people remember this band from their debut album which sold 4.5 million copies and had singles such as "Lump" and "Peaches". The Presidents came back on my radar a couple of years ago ago with the album "Love Everybody" and I have to say that this record is even better than that. Kicking off with "Mixed Up SOB" the record is drenched with great hoks and a pop sensibility. Other highlights are the almost nursery rhyme "Ladybug" a great lesson on the perils of a relationship with a European Lady "French Girl" and an interesting view on vampireism "Sharpen Up Those Fangs". My favourite is Track 10 - "So Lo So Hi" which has an infectious 1940's beat that has you reminicing on quality ska. The BAND ARE TOURING IN aPRIL IN THE uk and you would be a fool to miss out on a bit bit of pre summer positivity.

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Dig Yourself Deep

No one band knew how to share the pains of growing up than The Undertones when they were in their heyday of the late 1970's. Classics such as "Teenage Kicks", "My Perfect Cousin" and all the rest showed the angst of being young and I have to say that nearly 30 years later the angst is still there but from the perspective of the grown up middle aged!!! Listen to the lyrics of "Him Not Me" about staying in a relationship that should have fizzled out years ago and you realise this is a classy punk pop album from a band who created that genre!!! Packing 14 songs into 33 minutes it is a rior from beginning to end. Catch the band on tour now and listen out for an interview with the band on the Indie Show on Thursday lunch times in early November!!