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As far as debut EP’s go The Last Stand by five piece Reading band Terakai has a lingering and therefore enduring sense of appeal. In terms of generic linage there are substantial amounts of rock and metalcore influences throughout this short, yet perfectly formed “mini album.” It isn’t easy to make a lasting impression. especially when the UK music scene has lots to offer but, what makes this band stand out is the quality (not quantity) of their music at this premature stage.

This EP isn’t flooded with lethargic attempts of limited standards because, there is a reassuring sense of potential that this band demonstrates in regards to the cohesive and technical delivery of the tracks. These songs do no sound overwhelmed with rookie enthusiasm or bloated grandeur either.

One of the stand out songs is Reflections Of The Past which is a perfect example of how Terakai have already identified and established their creative niche. Other tracks that deserve a standing ovation are What Was Once Light and Divinity Restored. Hopefully, any future releases from this band will be a continuation of similar material.

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Spoils Of Failure

Of course, the band has fulfilled the criteria that qualify for an experimental album these days. For example, the harrowing intro’s that tracks II, V,VI have, lengthy but well worth the wait as guitars that are played in sync kick in. None of the tracks have actual titles (very mysterious.) Instead Roman Numerals indicate the tracks. To make things even more “outside of the box” every track will read “Untitled” when played.

Under the circumstances, the only thing missing off this album is a “hidden track” just to add that extra dose of allure. Basic observations aside, Spoils Of Failure is an extremely engrossing album indeed. The Metal core, melodic, post-hardcore, experimental Metal vibe is rampant & free.

In brief, Buried Inside sound like the musical love child of Isis and Mastodon.

Pushing forth the Progressive nature of the band this album marks the next phase. V is a track that has the sort of hypnotising melodies that grab you from the very start, it sucks you in and, spits you out as this track gains some serious momentum. II,VIII & IV does the exact same thing. All of the tracks follow this formula but are unique in composition. Yes, this is Math Metal at its finest too. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of this album is that it is more like an audio journey.

Buried Inside have cleverly stayed away from using any sort of computer manipulation on the tracks. They have kept things simple yet, have managed to create something that sounds so stunningly complex.

Spoils Of Failure is true its genre(s), its decisive concept and most importantly this album truly delivers.

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Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East

If someone had described to me exactly what Greeley Estates' musical styling was before I had the chance to listen to this CD I probably would not have believed it.

Successfully combining Rock, Indie, Screamo, Hardcore and, pounding melodies. There are even some unexpected sounds being put to use on some tracks too which makes “Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East” something that I believe in.

This is certainly a “genre collision” album with its fair share of stand out tracks. “In The Ashes” is one of the tracks that brings a heavier aspect to this album. The songs “Blue Morning” and “Keep The Heat On The Dash” are also true to this observation. The minor electronic interventions on the humorously titled tracks “Mother Nature Is A Terrorist” and “If I Could Be Frank, You’re Ugly!” is a nice touch too. Both are vocally charged tunes with generous lashings of brutality.

Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East is Greeley Estates third album clearly demonstrating that the band are still in their prime.