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Mighty Matt Mason
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Every Friday The Mighty One and his faithless man servant Mupps Muppington shovel out the greatest rock and metal on the planet. Aided and abetted by The Peanut gallery these two imbeciles assault your ears with Sludge, Doom, Thrash, Punk, Black Metal, Classic Metal Goff (with two effs!) and more. The latest releases get dissected and defecated on or put on pedestals during Hit or Miss. Have your say via the chatroom . You are all cool enough for a cappuccino
About my show
The perfect Friday night in with joy, laughter, metal mayhem and irreverent and mainly irrelevant banter. Expect lots of thrash and rocking tunes from the distant past to the bright future. Requests and triple deckers welcomed! metal
My favourite things
Thudding bass. Cadeverous rasps. High pitched screams. Crumpets with marmite. The usual
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Corned Beef Colosus

This is the first time a band have featured twice as E.P of the week on The MattCave . However , these meat obsessed Londoners are deserving of that Mighty accolade. If you have heard these boys before you know what is coming. Riffs with balls so big Buster Gonads looks on with envy. Opener Black Milk has got my hips and head moving alternately and I am getting motion sick as I type this. The shortest song on offer in this meat platter "Glanshammar"comes out of the blocks at such a fuzzy pace my armpit hair has given me whiplash. Three quid for 5 songs. Sheeeeeeeyit son! Buy this!

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Extreme Metal is a serious business. Stay grim. Stay in character. You really are a grim Frist bitten wood dwelling wisp or a backwoods chainsaw oiling hillbilly hacksaw sculptor. the music and bung in a soupcon on irony and humour so that Joe Public can headbang with a shit eating grin on his /her face after a day at the coal face/office/sweat shop.
Tetragrammaton delivers great riffs, brutal songs and blasts alongside industrial beats, groovy passages and Optimus Prime for the Transformer geeks. Drugs , Thugs and Machetes sounds like Nailbomb on holiday. That is a good thing! Listen to the MattCave to hear more from thses Dutch nutters.

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Regular listeners will know that I have changed a few light bulbs in my time and that I also have snapped my neck to many a heavy riff. Well these German Goff Metallers have combined the two with their new long player. THis lot are new to me but I regret that now . THis album surges along like a tsunami of snakebite and black. Opener My Release in Pain is grandiose and pomp-full without being over blown. It paves the way for some fantastic Goth and Roll with plenty to sing along to as well as offer those late night cappuccinos.