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Matt Hayday
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Returning from the Abyss after a 5 year absence. Matt Hayday is back. Vocalist of Outcryfire & veteran Total Rock DJ. Hero of Heavy Metal.
About my show
Sharing some of my favourite tunes (old & new) taking requests, catching up on the week's news, movies, tv & anything else that's on my mind. There'll be special guests, old classic pals will be visiting (& a bunch of new ones) and I'll be generally filling everyone in on all my latest shenanigans."
My favourite things
Heavy Metal & Star Wars
My Featured Albums
I'm a massive fan of Pearl Jam, have been since their very first record. I still have a giant, tatty Ten album poster that I got free with Raw magazine, that has followed me from new house to new house ever since I was a teenager.
However, even as an avid fan I have to admit, ever since their Yield album their output has been, well, pretty bland. They've always remained a phenominal live act, but thier newer songs have been lacking that punch & meaningfulness of their earlier material.
The term 'Return To Form' is one that I hate, but it thouroughly sums up Backspacer. They're new album has great songs, simple as that. And great artwork.
It's nothing short of ace!

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The Way Of All Flesh

Modern Progressive Death Metal at it's best.

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The Epillanic Choragi

First off, No Made Sense are not for those with short attention spans. And The Epillanic Choragi is not the place to come looking for mindless 3 minute pop tunes. This is a sprawling canvas of expertly timed & perfectly executed chaos.
It's an album that, akin to all great prog albums, begs to be listened to in it's entirety.
Lurking from one moody soundscape to the next, it's a journey that takes you to the brink of madness & back.
Imagine Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan & Neurosis sharing an acid-induced freak out & you're only halfway there.
It's an album that guarantees when you reach the end, you will be skipping straight back to the start for another mind-melting hit.