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The following is information on how you can listen to TotalRock Radio on various platforms. If you have any questions or suggestions please email

Please choose one of the following topics:

TotalRock Radio Custom Player
The TotalRock Radio player carries our MP3 stream with the Webcams, Now/Next and Song Playing info embedded into it. You will need Windows Media Player to be installed on your computer. It is launched by clicking on the Red triangle play-button beneath "Listen to me" near the top of the site. If you don't have Windows Media Player on your computer, you can download the latest version from Microsoft for FREE by clicking here.

Windows Media Player is available for the following Operating Systems:
All Windows versions
and Mac versions later than Mac OS 8.1

Popup TotalRock Player

Some browsers disallow popups by default, and you should see a warning similar to this: Popup warning in Chrome

All you need to do is allow the popup by clicking the icon in the top right of your address bar: Allow Popup in Chrome
And this should now allow you to click the Listen Now link and the popup player should now open!

Using Your normal mp3 Player
This link is found under the "Radio & TV" opton on the menu-bar and will allow you to listen through your default mp3 player. If it doesn't work you may not have a music player installed or streaming might be blocked by your network administrator.

Mac Users
If you have a problem with the custom player, we advise using our mp3 stream. When you click on the "Default Player" link you will normally get an m3u file downloaded onto your desktop. If you click on this your default mp3 player will open and play the stream.

Mac users can get the latest Windows Media Player here.

Linux Users
We advise using our mp3 stream. It can be launched by clicking on the 'mp3' button in the Listen section near the top of the site. Linux users can use Xine or any of its derivatives, also with Firefox.
Icecast mp3 stream

Do you get a clicking sound everytime the webcam picture refreshes?

To fix this follow the instructions below:

* Go to Start Menu/Settings/Control Panel
* Choose Sounds and Audio Devices and select the Sounds tab
* Under program events go to Windows Explorer/Start Navigation  and choose 'none' from the Sounds drop down menu .

Is your Stream dropping off a lot?

Launch Windows Media Player.

For version 6.4 Click "view" from the menu then "options", select "Advanced" tab then select "streaming media"( double click), and there should be a buffer section, change this to 30 seconds and click [apply].

For all later versions: Click "Tools" from the menu then "options", Select "Performance" tab then there should be a Buffer section, change this to 30 seconds and click [apply].
Always try to keep the buffer value as low as possible consistent with a continuous stream.

TotalRock Radio News RSS and Podcasts
What is RSS?

'Really Simple Syndication' allows you to identify the content you like and have it delivered directly to you. It makes staying up to date very easy by showing you the latest content you are interested in.

How do I use it?

The content is accessed by using a "news reader", which is an application collects the News/updates you tell it to. The latest versions of all the common browsers act as RSS clients now.

Once you have found a news reader you like, all you have to do is click on the RSS button of a website or drag the URL of the feed into your news reader.

Some browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari, automatically pick up RSS feeds for you. For more details on these, please check their websites.

Using the TotalRock Radio News RSS feed on your website

We activley encourage the use of TotalRock Radio news as a part of any website.

However, we do require that proper attribution and a link to is used where TotalRock Radio News content appears. The attribution text should read "TotalRock Radio News" and should link back to

P lease display a TotalRock Radio Logo with our news which you can download from

If you do use our news please let us know by emailing

We reserve the right to prevent the distribution of TotalRock Radio News content.

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