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Lawless & Redd's Hot Bits
Lawless & Redd's Hot Bits
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TotalRock Approved!
The Music and the Bands that matter...
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Jeff Leach on TotalRock
Jeff's Weekly Comedy and Music Show. Horns Out!
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Download 2011
Interviews and Videos from Donington as they happen
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Djentlemans Lunchbox
The Djentcast of interviews!
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Kick Out The Jams Festival 2011
Kelly D heads along to the festival to talk to a few of the bands
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The Launch Pad
Bringing new and unsigned interviews right to your computer!
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Anarchy On The Airwaves
Anarchy on the iPod!
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Kelly D's Really Good Rock Show
Kelly D's Weekly Rock Show on
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iROCK with Chris Arnold
TotalRock's show dedicated to pop-punk, ska and emo
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London Calling
May and Mates present London Calling - The Best Hardcore demos
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The Wrecking Ball with Chloe
Saturday's 3-6pm UK time on TotalRock Radio
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Garry Bushell's Rancid Sounds
Garry Bushell presents a monthly feast of OI punk and the best new bands
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Katie Parsons' Really Good Rock Show
KatieP's Weekly Rock Show on
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The Pinball Wizards
A regular series, in which the Pinball Wizards discuss and dissect hot rock-related issues in their own inimitable and rather eccentric fashion
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TotalRock Radio - All Metal, All Rock, All The Time
TotalRock Radio - All Metal, All Rock, All The Time

TotalRock Radio - All Metal, All Rock, All The Time

TotalRock Radio - All Metal, All Rock, All The Time
TotalRock Radio - All Metal, All Rock, All The Time

Toby Jepson on Little Angels reformation Jan 2012
Tina and Sara caught up with Little Angels frontman Toby Jepson
Down - September 2010
The Down vocalist talks of the bands latest CD/DVD release 'Diary of a Mad Band'
Jack Daniels Birthday Set Press Conference - October 2010
Duane Eddy, Jarvis Cocker and Richard Dawes talk Jack Daniel's
Download Festival - June 2010
Chloe talks to 36 Crazyfists, As I Lay Dying, Hell Yeah and Deftones plus hear Slash's press conference
Arson Anthem - September 2010
Arson Anthem guitarist Philip Anselmo tells Chloe all about their debut album 'Insecurity Notoriety'
Alexisonfire - November 2010
Alexisonfire vocalist talks about new EP 'Dog's Blood'
Stone Sour - October 2010
Chloe, the box office at Dingwalls and a very tall guitarist
Deftones - November 2010
Chloe hooks up with the Deftones backstage
Architects - October 2010
Architects drummer Dan chats to TotalRock
TesseracT - September 2010
The mighty TesseracT chat to TotalRock
Pantera - August 2010
The most infamous man in metal talks to Chloe
Yob - April 2010
Mike Scheidt speaks to Cristiane at Roadburn Festival about YOB's reunion and trip to Europe
Voi Vod - August 2009
Cristiane meets Michel 'Away' Langevin in Bergen to talk riffs, travels, art and much more!
Thorrs Hammer - April 2010
Runhild Gammelsater explains how to turn a party trick into a career!
Sarke - August 2009
New band from members of Khold and Darkthrone reveal plans for the future
Death Row - April 2010
Victor Griffin, Joe Hasselvander and Marty Swaney discuss life before and after Pentagram
Darkthrone - August 2009
Cristiane gets the scoop from Nocturno Culto in Bergen
Bard 'Faust' Eithun - August 2009
Bard'Faust' Eithun and Cristiane do old school Thrash talk
Aura Noir - August 2009
Aura Noir discuss their live gig schedule post Aggressor's accident in 2005
Chloe's Download Festival Interviews - March 2010
Chloe's Download Festival Interviews - March 2010
Karnivool - August 2010
Aussie progsters Karnivool chew the fat with us
Lynyrd Skynyrd - March 2010
The only man who could fill his older brothers shoes in Lynyrd Skynyrd , charms our socks off
Dead By Sunrise - February 2010
Linkin Park frontman brings his side project to Great Britain
Papa Roach - August 2010
Jacoby sticks around England after Sonisphere UK to talk about the bands new studio/live split
Trash Talk - April 2010
The Californian renegades talk to Chloe before supporting Cancer Bats
Rammstein - February 2010
Industrial metal titans gear up to play their biggest London headline show yet
New Found Glory - May 2010
Will NFG sustain the longevity of The Rolling Stones?
Nathen Maxwell - May 2010
Nathen Maxwell tells us about his Original Bunnygang
Pennywise - May 2010
Chloe talks to unruly Pennywise guitarist Fletcher
Flyleaf - April 2010
Texan alt-rockers Flyleaf talk to Chloe
Dropkick Murphys - April 2010
Irish-American punks come to London for the first time in years
Cancer Bats - April 2010
The meaning behind 'Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones' is revealed
Against Me! - May 2010
Florida punks talks about their fifth studio album 'White Crosses'
Motion City Soundtrack - March 2010
MCS frontman Justin Pierre tells us about his Dinosaur Life
Taylor Hawkins - May 2010
Foo Fighter's sticksman brings his solo project to town
Eyehategod - April 2010
Jimmy Bower and Mike IV talk New Orleans
Iron Maiden - August 2010
Forefathers of heavy metal talk about their latest release 'The Final Frontier'
Slash - May 2010
Slash and Myles Kennedy speak about working together and becoming friends
Bullet For My Valentine - February 2010
Shredders Matt and Padge let us in behind the scenes of their latest record
Ozzy Osbourne - May 2010
The Prince of Darkness talks to TotalRock
Gizzi Erskine - July 2010
Alternative pin-up chef Gizzi drops into TR HQ
Vince Neil - July 2010
Tina chats to Motley Crue front-man Vince Neil
Civet - August 2010
Tristen and Chevy B chat to Liza from Civet
River Freshney - June 2010
Wez4 chats to Tristen and Chevy B
Damnas - June 2010
Tristen and Chevy B talk to Faraz from Damnas
Die So Fluid - June 2010
Die So Fluid pop in for a chat with Tristen and Chevy B
Airbourne - April 2010
Tristen talks to Aussie rocker's Airborne
The Sirens - February 2010
Rock'n'roll dance troupe The Sirens pop into Total Rock
Nebukadnezza - January 2010
Tristen catches up with Donny from Nebukadnezza
Pig Iron - April 2010
Rock, Tattoos and Good Times in Wales
InMe - April 2010
Dave talks about shows he puts on and his work away from Inme
Status Quo - April 2010
Francis Rossi talks about his solo career
Suicidal Tendencies - March 2010
Emma Barnett catches up with Mike from Suicidal Tendencies
Voodoo Six - December 2009
Emma Barnett chats with Voodoo Six
Melissa Auf Der Maur - March 2010
Emma Barnett talks to Melissa about her life in Hole and Smashing Pumpkins
Alexisonfire - February 2010
Lindsay Nothling catches up with Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green
Slayer - September 2009
Dave Lombardo and Kerry King talk about 'World painted Blood'
Ghost Of A Thousand - October 2009
Tom from the Ghost of a Thousand talks to Tristen live from Switzerland
Ratch's Download Festival Interviews - June 2009
Ratch's Download Festival Interviews - June 2009
Steel Panther - September 2009
Chloe catches up with Hollywood cock-rockers Steel Panther
The Gaslight Anthem - August 2009
Chloe catches up with tub-thumper Benny at Reading Festival 2009
Volbeat - February 2009
Chloe talks to Thomas, the mono-browed member of Volbeat
Wolfmother - September 2009
Andrew Stockdale talks about being the only original member left in Wolfmother
Seether - February 2009
South African pranksters Seether
Deftones - August 2009
Chloe finds out about what will happen to unreleased album 'Eros'
Chloe's Bloodstock Festival Interviews - August 2009
Chloe's Bloodstock Festival Interviews - August 2009
Chloe's Sonisphere Festival Interviews - August 2009
Chloe's Sonisphere Festival Interviews - August 2009
Five Finger Death Punch - August 2009
Lindsay Nothling presents, Five Finger Death Punch! All the way from Down Under
Chloe's Download Festival Interviews - June 2009
Chloe's Download Festival Interviews - June 2009
Amebix - June 2009
Amebix test their memories with Cristiane
Gallows - May 2009
Steph Carter has a natter with Total Rock on the eve on Gallows biggest ever headline show
Steel Panther - June 2009
Tina speaks to Steel Panther on their first British press jaunt
New Found Glory - May 2009
New Found Glory guitarist and sole lyricist Steve Klein chats about the bands return to the UK and latest album
Chiodos - February 2009
Brad and Jason talk about the band and touring
Gwen Stacy - March 2009
Ratch talks to the latest line-up of the Indiana band
The Black Dahlia Murder - February 2009
Ratch catches up with guitarist Brian Eschbach - in the Carling Academy toilets of all places...
Star Fucking Hipsters - May 2009
Stza Crack talks about his new band 'Star Fucking Hipsters'
Rise Against - March 2009
Tim from Rise Against talks about how they got started and their fans
36 Crazyfists - March 2009
Brock chats about his home town, rival bands and pirates
Poison The Well - March 2009
Ratch chats to Poison The Well about albums tours and tattoos.
Taking Back Sunday - May 2009
Taking Back Sunday drop into Total Rock to talk about being 'New Again'
The Living End - April 2009
The Living End talk about the recent Australian bushfires
Eagles of Death Metal - April 2009
Jesse 'Boots Electric' Hughes shoots the breeze with Chloe
Shinedown - January 2009
Shinedown front-man Brent Smith explains what ' The Sound of Madness' really is
Baroness - May 2009
Singer John Baizley talks to Chloe about current tours and the 'Red Album'
Alkaline Trio - February 2009
Matt Skiba checks in and discusses Alk 3's latest album 'Agony and Irony'
Cannibal Corpse - February 2009
Alex Webster chats about the new Cannibal Corpse album 'Eviseration Plague'
Sylosis - March 2009
Josh from Sylosis talks about the honour of opening up for Testament
Lamb of God - January 2009
Randy and Chris from Lamb of God talk about their new album 'Wrath'
Testament - March 2009
Chuck Billy from Testament chews the fat on the eve of a very special London show
Papa Roach - March 2009
Jacoby and Jerry from Papa Roach speak about their new band member and album 'Metamorphosis'
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