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The following is information on how you can listen to or watch TotalRock Radio Podcasts. If you have any questions or suggestions please email

Please choose one of the following topics:

Get some podcast software
You need to install a piece of software which will search the web to find the latest episode and automatically deliver it to your computer. The latest versions of the popular web browsers will do this for you without any other software.

If you want separate software, it is usually free, and these 3 are popular:
  • iTunes
  • Juice
  • Doppler
There is a list of other podcast software on

Subscribe to podcasts
Once you have the software installed you need to subscribe to some podcasts.

How you do this will vary depending on which software you have chosen. Here is a rough guide to how this might work:

If you have iTunes You can subscribe to some podcasts through the iTunes Podcast Directory.

If you can't find the podcast that you want in iTunes then you can follow the same method as outlined below for Juice, Doppler and other podcast software.

If you have Juice, Doppler or another piece of software then this is likely to be the method you will need to follow. This is also the case if you can't find the podcast you want in iTunes.

In all of these cases you need to add the "feed" of the podcast to your software. The feed is really just the address of the podcast, which the software will go to each time it wants to check for a new episode. You can find the feed for any TotalRock Radio podcast by clicking on either the orange XML button, or the yellow Podcast button. In both cases the feed address will appear in the address bar of your internet browser. It will start with

You will need to copy this feed address and paste it into your podcast software. How you do this will depend on your software, but you should look out for buttons or links that say "Add" or "Subscribe".

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