AVATAR Hail The Apocalypse Hail The Apocalypse
DEADLOCK Darkness Divine The Arsonist
UNIVERSUM Faded Leto Destinatus
READY,SET,FALL Deceiving Lights Memento
EXTOL Open The Gates Extol
ARTIST MISSING Killer.be.killed.i.e.d. Unknown Album
CREMATORY When Darkness Falls Pray
NORTHER Last Breath Dreams Of Endless War
UNKNOWN ARTIST Unknown Title Unknown Album
SCAR_SYMMETRY_ The_iconoclast Dark Matter Dimensions
INSOMNIUM Black Heart Rebellion Shadows Of The Dying Sun
DEATHSTARS New Dead Nation Synthetic Generation
ARTIST MISSING Sabaton.resist.and.bite Unknown Album
ARTIST MISSING 1915 Xander Unknown Album
MYGRAIN Xenomorphic Mygrain
ARTIST MISSING Bury.tomorrow.of.glory Unknown Album
HARD RIOT Blackout The Blackened Heart
ARTIST MISSING Sonic.syndicate.black.hole.halo Unknown Album
ELUVEITIE Thousandfold Everything Remains (as It Never Was)
THE CHANT Cloud Symmetry New Haven
INSOMNIUM Revelation Shadows Of The Dying Sun
EMPTINESS Nothing But The Whole Nothing But The Whole
DAYS OF LOSS This Frail Existence. Our Frail Existence
AT THE GATES Ever-opening Flower With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness
ARTIST MISSING Matt Rises Trail Unknown Album
MERCENARY A New Dawn Through Our Darkest Days
RED ELEVEN Tomorrow's Path Tomorrow's Path
KARDASHEV Multitudes Of Life Excipio
ABORTED Purity Of Perversion The Necrotic Manifesto
LACUNA COIL Nothing Stands In Our Way Broken Crown Halo
DEFORMATORY Insurgence In The Wake Of Pestilence
AMORAL Lacrimal Gland Decrowning
ARTIST MISSING Vader.triumph.of.death Unknown Album
INSOMNIUM Collapsing Words Shadows Of The Dying Sun
ARTIST MISSING Suicide.silence.cease.to.exist Unknown Album
BAPTIZED IN BLOOD Kickin' Ass And Takin' The Blame Gutterbound
HEAVEN SHALL BURN Land Of The Upright Ones Veto